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At Berntson Porter, we know that tax planning and strategy can be overwhelming. We provide comprehensive services that guide clients through the process. Our team of tax accountants brings decades of experience and specialized knowledge in all aspects of taxation.

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For over 30 years, we’ve been providing tax services for clients in Bellevue, Seattle, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. We serve the needs of individuals and businesses looking to optimize tax planning and reinvest that money into their businesses and families.

A successful tax strategy shouldn’t be developed in a bubble. Our firm has a wide range of experts in tax planning, wealth management, and estate planning to ensure you keep as much of your wealth as possible.

The tax preparation specialists at Berntson Porter have the experience and support to handle the most complicated tax issues. We pride ourselves on getting more for our clients and helping them reach their financial goals.

Tax Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

Our experienced business tax accountants’ vast experience allows us to navigate the most complex income tax situations.

From setting up QuickBooks to reporting and payroll consulting our team of accountants has the experience to help your business grow and knowledge to help you decide which of our many services are right for your company now and in the future. When you’re successful, we are successful. The accountants at Berntson Porter focus on building powerful long-term relationships by providing the right expertise and services at the right time.

Tax laws change every year. Accountants at Berntson Porter stay current on the various tax rules used to reduce your tax burden.

We look forward to being your tax advisors.

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  • Tax consulting, including planning and reduction strategies
  • Tax returns and compliance
  • Ownership transition
  • State and local tax consulting and compliance
  • International tax consulting and compliance
  • Entity selection strategy
  • IRS representation
  • Research & Development tax credits