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BP’s Greg Porter Featured in Gen Next Member Spotlight Blog

Greg Porter was recently in the Gen Next member spotlight blog.  The article highlights Greg’s commitment to Gen Next, the Washington Policy Center and even touches on his previous football career! See full article content below.

Greg Porter: Football, Foundation, and Mission

Greg Porter is an extremely powerful presence. You can tell he knows his stuff and, if needed, could really impress you with what he has to say.

But he is very mindful about when he speaks up. He’s not a man of few words — he’s a man of the right words.

Greg is the co-founder of a large CPA firm: Berntson Porter & Company. He’s also the president of the firm’s wealth management arm. Oh, and he’s the former chair of the Washington Policy Center. It’s just the biggest think tank in the entire state.

Greg is very action-oriented and a great teammate. Not surprising for a former college football player. That’s right: Greg was a defensive end at Washington State. Go Cougars!

So what drew him to join our team? He loves that he can learn with a bunch of other leaders — and then act without the typical political and bureaucratic obstacles. He loves moving forward on what we collectively agree on, cutting through red tape, and just getting things done.

Greg loves Gen Next’s content and people. (Three other Members live in his apartment building!) He appreciates all aspects of our model and understands how the Gen Next Foundation fits our mission, and the world’s needs, like a glove. That’s why he has gotten more involved with GNF. Global security efforts are near and dear to his policy heart. Greg has been on the regional board for two years and is Seattle’s GEP chair.

Greg is an incredible pillar … and a great teammate.