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WA Tax Credit Available for Hiring Unemployed Veterans


Washington State has introduced a new tax credit for companies hiring unemployed veterans.

The credit is available for use against the company’s Business and Occupation (B&O) tax or the Public Utility Tax (PUT). In order to qualify for this credit, veterans must be employed on or after Oct 1, 2016 in a position within WA State. Each employee must be employed by the business for two full calendar quarters before credits begin to accumulate. Prior to hire, the veteran must have been unemployed for at least 30 days to qualify.

Credits are based on 20% of the wages and benefits paid to qualifying hires, up to $1500 per veteran. Credits can offset either B&O or PUT liability and can be carried forward to future liabilities through June 30, 2023. Credits are not refundable.

Businesses claiming the credits must file an Annual Tax Incentive Survey for each year the credit is used. This survey is filed electronically through your Washington Department of Revenue account and is due the following May 31st for the previous calendar year.

Additional qualifications and credit limitation information can be found here.

If you have questions regarding this tax credit, please contact your Berntson Porter representative at 425-454-7990. We’re here to help!


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