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Year-End Preparedness for Bookkeepers: 1099s, QuickBooks and More!

Are you ready for year-end? In this interactive session our Accounting Support & Bookkeeping Services team will prepare you for year-end activity. You’ll be ready to issue 1099s to your vendors, get QuickBooks tips and updates, and much more!

1099 topics covered:

▪ Who should receive a 1099
▪ Where to get information to complete a 1099
▪ What to do if you paid vendors by check and credit card
▪ What box to use to report income
▪ What it means in QuickBooks to map a 1099

Additional topics covered:

▪ Tips to help you reconcile your W-3 to your quarterly 941 filings
▪ How to complete an annual 940 form
▪ New tax filings deadlines for forms filed January 2020