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Tips for a Successful Business Sale: What to Expect Before, During and After

Selling a business can bring financial security to owners and offer exciting growth opportunities for their businesses, but the transaction itself can be emotionally stressful and distracting operationally, with an uncertain outcome.

How can you maximize the odds of a successful transaction, while minimizing transaction-related risks? What can you expect throughout that process, and what can you start doing today to prepare?

Join M&A experts who lead Berntson Porter’s Corporate Advisory and Transaction Services teams as they share insights and experience from past M&A transactions, and tips to prepare for every stage of the process:

  • BEFORE: What can owners do ahead of a transaction to make their business more attractive to buyers?
  • DURING: What potential pitfalls should be anticipated during a transaction, and how to avoid them?
  • AFTER: How to alleviate challenges that might emerge post-transaction.

Throughout this session, you’ll gain actionable recommendations and strategic advice that will help ensure a successful transaction for you and your employees.