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Blockchain Technology in Manufacturing


Blockchain technology is “an unalterable peer-to-peer recordkeeping system that enables communities to securely record and share information.” In other words, it’s a story of what happened to a specific item and the story cannot be manipulated. Blockchain technology has the potential to be used in the manufacturing industry in four major ways: Anti-counterfeiting, airworthiness certificates, supply chain, and additive manufacturing/3D printing.

Anti-Counterfeiting: The technology helps with anti-counterfeiting by having each product registered on the blockchain registry with a unique ID and key attributes. The status is then updated by each supply chain partner through manufacturing up until the point of sale. As there is an unalterable trail behind each product, counterfeiting will be reduced as the counterfeited items will not have these trails.

Airworthiness Certificates: Airworthiness certificates relate to aerospace manufacturers. Part suppliers must obtain an airworthiness certificate to conform to the quality compliance mandated by authorities and these certificates must be tracked throughout the life of the airplane. Blockchain technology will create a way to track these certificates while knowing the certificates were not tampered with.

Supply Chain: The supply chain can be a vast process where many parties and transactions are involved. Blockchain technology creates a thread where all goods produced and distributed, and their inputs, are tracked. This creates transparency throughout the supply chain as well as an audit trail. Additionally, supply chain logistics can be improved with the data from tracking all transactions.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing: Additive manufacturing/3D printing is extremely vulnerable to having the blueprints for products stolen. Once these blueprints are stolen, all a user needs is a 3D printer to start manufacturing the items. Blockchain technology provides a secure way to transfer blueprints and does not allow those blueprints to be copied.

Blockchain technology has the potential to help secure manufacturing as the world continues to move into a more digital state. For more information about how blockchain technology can help your business, contact a professional at Berntson Porter.



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