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Good News for Seattle Businesses


Square Footage Business Tax: As of January 1, 2016 the square footage business tax has been repealed. This was a tax on the square footage of a company’s Seattle business location with rates based on the use of that space. While businesses reporting all their revenues to Seattle were generally exempt from the tax, it did apply to businesses taking deductions or applying an apportionment calculation. The calculations were complicated and often took more time to comply with than the actual tax burden. This is a great development in making Seattle a more business friendly city. For more information please visit City of Seattle.

Your business is local, why not FileLocal? Several of the larger Washington cities have been in the process of developing an online portal to help companies that are registered in multiple cities to streamline their business license and tax filings. The system is called FileLocal and currently companies can file Seattle and Tacoma taxes through the system. Bellevue will be added in early 2016 and Everett will follow.

The system will require a central registration which will import some of the general business information onto the local returns. However, businesses will still need to fill in their revenues and deductions in the individual city forms based on the city’s specific rules. Returns can be filed and paid online, however additional fees apply for processing and payment ($2 and up per return depending on payment options). Information on the system can be found here.


New Name, Same People and Service You’ve Known for Years.

Berntson Porter is excited to announce that we are now part of CBIZ & MHM (Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.). Together, CBIZ & MHM are one of the nation’s Top Ten accounting providers, and Berntson Porter is honored to be joining them. We are pleased to be able to offer the same people and the same service you’ve known for years under a new name: CBIZ Berntson Porter. Please click here for more information.