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The Power of RFID

Inventory management and tracking is often a complicated and time-consuming process for companies, but it is also one for which new, innovative methods are continuously emerging.  In particular, recent advancements in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology have resulted in powerful and more affordable tracking solutions for companies.

In an RFID system, an electronic product code label is affixed to the product when it first arrives in the warehouse and scanned by an employee with an RFID reader.  The reader is a small handheld device (similar to a grocery store price checker) that transmits the product information to a computer used to track the inventory.  Inventory is then scanned as it is removed and sold, keeping the inventory on hand up to date.

Using an RFID inventory management system allows a company to reduce the time and labor needed to perform full inventory counts.  Under this system, it is generally more efficient to perform cycle counts to maintain accurate information.  Additionally, RFID systems provide the ability to track inventory sales better and, if inventory goes missing, to determine where and when the disappearance occurred.

As the cost of implementing an RFID system for inventory management continues to decrease, companies should consider the benefits of such a system, including:

  • Implementation can start on a small scale and expand over time;
  • Inventory counts are easier and faster to perform;
  • Training employees to use the system is easy and can be done by fewer employees;
  • Set up and installation of RFID hardware and software can be performed remotely by the RFID system provider.

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