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The Power of CAMPS

It seems there is never enough time in the day to get everything done, much less to get out and network with those who can help build your business. If you work in the manufacturing arena, though, perhaps the time is now for you to discover the power of CAMPS.

What is CAMPS? It stands for the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound and it is committed to:

• Help Washington State manufacturers succeed through innovation, supply chain positioning, and business development.
• Serve as the primary catalyst for small and medium size manufacturers in Washington State to enter new markets, solve workforce problems, and become “Advanced Manufacturing Leaders”.
• Focus on eight industry tracks – Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Energy, Transportation, Life Sciences & Medical, Food Processing, and also General.
• Support manufacturers to access innovation, supply chain development, pre-qualified third party service providers, 21st Century workforce solutions, and funding resources.

As a member of this relatively new organization since 2008, I’ve watched their monthly roundtables grow from a few people filling up the same number of tables in a restaurant to a large room at Centerpoint Corporate Park in Kent. They’ve also added a North Puget Sound location which meets at the Port of Everett. These monthly roundtables are educational with interesting speakers and topics. It is also a great venue for people to network and see how they can help each other. Being a member, and now board member, the camaraderie and energy behind everyone’s passion for success is inspiring.

How can you learn more about CAMPS? Check out their website at or contact their Executive Director, Tom McLaughlin, at for more info.


New Name, Same People and Service You’ve Known for Years.

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