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Welcome to the Construction Deduction Blog

We’re excited to join the blogosphere with the Berntson Porter Construction Deduction blog.  We were thinking about why we have so much to share with you over the next months and years, and we believe we landed on the reason:  the combined years’ experience our CPAs have with construction industry clients is 254!  That’s two and half centuries of experience in one 27 year old accounting and business consulting firm.

Our construction and real estate practice CPAs are dedicated to helping clients build wealth by having a comprehensive knowledge of applicable accounting and tax related laws and regulations, identifying opportunities and maintaining deep, long-standing relationships with key experts in the industry, including insurance and bonding agents, sureties, bankers, attorneys and consultants.

We hope you find value in our blog.  Write to us.  Let us know what you think. And WELCOME!

Eric Curtiss, CPA, MPAcc (Tax), CCIFP, Principal and Real Property Practice Leader

Mike Schmidt, CPA, CCIFP, Principal and Director of Tax Services